MAAC is a three day convention that brings together the best instructors from the UK and Europe to teach workshops in your favourite aerial activities such as silks, rope, trapeze and hoop, as well as things you might never have tried before such as flying pole, aerial chains and cyr wheel. We bring new classes every year so even if you’ve been to every single convention we’ve hosted you’ll still come away with loads of new material!

There are 13 classes over the weekend, 3 on Friday and 5 each on Saturday and Sunday. Each class is usually 1hr15 and there are breaks of 30 minutes between each class. There will be a choice of at least 15 classes in every single slot so you will have a whole host of classes to choose from and there’s always something in every slot for every level. We also duplicate classes across the weekend so you will have multiple opportunities to do the classes you want without them clashing. Each class has a maximum of 3 people to a piece of aerial equipment and 15 people in a class so you will get individual attention from the teacher and you will get a lot out of each workshop.

Whilst we don’t set a specific level for MAAC participants in general, you will only be able to book classes if you meet the pre-requisites set by the teachers for each of their classes. For things like stretch and any intro classes this will be zero but for advanced silks you might need to be able to do a long-arm air invert or be confident with multiple climbs, for example.

To get the most out of MAAC the most important thing is stamina. This doesn’t mean you need to be able to go hard all weekend, even the most seasoned aerialists find MAAC tough. The key here is to spread yourself out. Don’t do back to back advanced aerial classes, break them up with a nice yoga class or a fun dance class. Give your hands a break, let your muscles recover.

Sign in for the convention is any time from 12pm on Friday up til 1.30pm. You can sign in at either venue. If you're not here on Friday or you're just doing a day ticket just sign in when you arrive.

Hoodies can be collected or bought from Cloud Piccadilly. If you buy a hoodie in advance you can ask for it to be sent to Cloud NQ

Warm up is on Friday at 1.45pm, Saturday at 9.30am and 1.45pm and Sunday at 9.30am and 1.45pm. If you miss the group warm up you need to warm yourself properly and you will also need to rewarm yourself up in the breaks before your next classes. Don't risk injuring yourself by not warming up properly!

There are first aiders on site at each venue and your teachers are also first aid qualified. If you need first aid please see your teacher immediately and they will assist you. All accidents or injuries, no matter how small, need to be immediately reported to your teacher who will take further action.

If you have any queries or questions email us at manchesteraac@gmail.com or during the convention just ask any of the MAAC reception staff or teachers.