Manchester Aerial and Acrobatics Convention

MAAC is a three day event bringing together the best teachers from around the UK in aerial, pole, yoga, dance, and acrobatics. Learn a new discipline, master an existing one. We bring together a wide range of classes in silks, aerial hoop, trapeze, rope, straps, pole, hula, handstands, gymnastics, yoga, partner acrobatics and more. Classes range from beginner to advanced so there's something for everyone.

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How it works.

We sell weekend and day tickets to the event a few months before the event. Tickets for our MAAC events can be purchased through this site. Just go to our Login or Register pages. Once you have an account log in and if you don't have a ticket you'll automatically be redirected to the purchase page. Once you have a ticket you will be able to book classes as soon as booking goes live.

We spend the months before the convention booking teachers and arranging the classes into a timetable. Then we release the timetable and you can plan your classes.

We then set a date and time when booking goes live to give everyone a fair chance to book the classes they want. Read more about booking your classes below.

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Booking Your Classes. It's easy!

Class booking will go live nearer the event date and we will post dates as soon as we have them in both the newsletter and on social media.

To book a class you just need to log in, go to the Classes section and click on the class you want and click 'book class'. That's it! If you change your mind just click 'I can't attend' which opens your space up for someone else.

Please bear in mind that booking can be fast - we have 300+ people wanting to book their classes all at once so if you don't book at the beginning you might miss out on classes you wanted. If the class you want is full don't despair, people book and unbook all the time even throughout the convention.

Most people get most of the classes they want so don't stress too much about it. It’s good to have a plan with a first, second and third choice for each time slot.

The biggest problem people have with booking is not remembering their passwords and not having a valid ticket on their account (this tends to happen when they’ve bought a ticket from someone else and it hasn’t been transferred).

Please make sure you can log in before the live date, make sure you know your password and check you have a valid ticket on your account.

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Refunds and Transfers.

With all the Covid problems of the last two years we had a very lenient refund and transfer policy but after sustaining substantial losses, we will not be able to continue that policy into 2022. However, the convention usually sells out and there are always people who miss out on getting a ticket so we have a very successful resell rate for people who want to sell their tickets. Read more about the refunds and transfers policy here.

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