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How will it all work?

You buy a ticket a few months before the event and we start organising teachers and classes. We will then upload a timetable and you can start to choose your classes. We will then announce a live class booking date and time. Classes will go live around a month before the event, we will make several announcements on social media and through our newsletter before they do so you'll have plenty of notice. Please make sure you check spam for the newsletter and save us as an accepted contact, ie. click ‘this is not spam’! If you don’t receive our emails or see our social media posts we cannot be held responsible.

I’ve bought a ticket but now I can’t go / am injured. What can I do?

All ticket sales are final and we will not be offering refunds for any reason. If you want to sell your ticket to someone else you are welcome to do so but you will need to arrange that yourself and it will not be the responsibility of MAAC organisers to find a buyer. If you do find a buyer you will need to contact us to transfer the ticket once they have paid you. Please note that we will be pausing transfers 24 hours before class booking goes live and ceasing them altogether 24 hours before before the event goes live.

I want to buy a ticket but you’ve sold out

MAAC sells out and sells out fast but people often want to sell their tickets due to unforeseen circumstances. If you buy a ticket from someone else we will transfer the ticket to your account. Please make sure you have an account on our booking site so we can do this. PLEASE BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS. Facebook scammers will find sold out events and post saying “I have four tickets for sale to this sold out event” and people send them money on Paypal using friends and family and then they disappear. To avoid this, firstly check with us to see if the seller is a genuine person. We know exactly who has bought tickets to our event and we can check their validity so before you buy just drop us an email and we will check for you. Also look out for people posting generic statuses such as ‘I have six tickets available’ rather than ‘I’m selling my full aerial ticket’. No one has six tickets available , you can only buy one per person. Also see if their profile has them hanging upside down, us aerialists love a fancy profile picture! Finally, check their location. Most of MAAC’s attendants are from the UK or Europe, not Costa Rica. NEVER EVER use Friends & Family unless you actually know this person. If you use Friends & Family and fall victim of a scam Paypal will not protect you. Scammers will always push for Friends & Family so they can get away with this.

How do I book classes?

Once you have chosen the classes you want to do just go into each one and click ‘book class’. If you change your mind you can just tick ‘I can’t attend’ and book a different class instead. Obviously you can only book one class at each timeslot. You can book and unbook your classes as many times as you want – even throughout the convention so you can change your mind last minute and there is always a chance that a space might come up in a class you really wanted so you can chop and change.

How many classes can I book?

You can book into as many classes as you want, but obviously only one per time slot! We do recommend that you schedule a rest period if you’re not used to training solidly for eight hours in a day, but it’s completely up to you what you do. The only rule is that you can’t book a class that is above your level. There will be prerequisites for some classes so please make sure you are at the necessary level to attend the class. If you book a class that is above your level your teacher may refuse to let you participate. We would also ask that you don’t book the same class twice to allow more people to try it, for example, intro to cyr wheel.

The class I want is full, what can I do?

People book and unbook classes all the time, even up to and throughout the convention so you might find there is a last minute space on the workshop you wanted to do. We do not have waiting lists because it is very complex to arrange a waiting list and by the time we have contacted everyone on the waiting list their needs might have changed or they might have booked other classes instead and we’ve just found in the past it didn’t work at all and caused a whole lot of admin that ended up being largely fruitless.

I didn’t get all the classes I wanted, what can I do?

We cannot be held responsible if you didn’t get all the classes you wanted and we will not be offering refunds if you don’t get on all the classes you want. It is first come first served with all classes and once they’re full they’re full.

I’m busy when the classes go live – what can I do?

It’s your responsibility to book classes, if you aren’t available to book them at the time then we would suggest asking someone else to book them in for you – we cannot book classes on your behalf and if classes fill up because you weren’t available it’s not our responsibility.

I can’t remember what classes I booked, can I see them?

If you click on the ‘My Classes’ page you’ll see all the classes you have booked.

Can I do any class?

If you have a full aerial and acro ticket you can book any class. If you have an acro and floor ticket you can only book floor based classes such as acro, gym, handstands, cyr, stretch, slackline, parkour, backflips. You cannot book any pole or aerial classes.

Each class will have a list of prerequisites and it is up to you to ensure that you book classes that are the right level for you – if a teacher doesn’t think you are up to the right level they may stop you from taking the class. Classes such as yoga and introductory classes are suitable for everyone. You will see in each class if there is a minimum level required.

The website isn’t loading, what can I do?

Unless the website isn’t loading for everybody then it’s not a problem on our end. Make sure you’re typing the address correctly and try clearing your cache. Check your signal/wifi connection. We are not responsible if you can’t load the website.

I forgot my password and can’t log in, can you sort it?

There is a password reset button on the login page, use this to reset your password. Password resets don’t always arrive instantaneously so don’t leave it til the last minute to reset your password. CHECK SPAM!! Our password resets often end up there. It is your responsibility to login to the system BEFORE the tickets go live so that you can make sure you know your password and can definitely log in with plenty of time. If you forget your password and you miss out on a ticket or on class booking it’s not our responsibility.

If you have a question that isn’t answered above, please email manchesteraac@gmail.com