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The minimum age for MAAC participants is 18. We do not allow ticket sharing or spectators.

All ticket sales are final and we will not offer any refunds for any reason, including injury, illness, bereavement, a positive covid test result, being pinged on track and trace or coming into contact with someone with covid. We will not transfer tickets to a future event.

When you buy a ticket you are confirming that you accept these terms and you are happy to take the risk that if you are unable to attend MAAC for any reason you will not get a refund.

You are welcome to sell your ticket on to someone else but we will not be responsible for any aspect of this. You are welcome to use the Facebook event page to advertise your ticket and we will transfer the ticket once you have sold it, but we make no guarantees that you will be able to sell your ticket, nor will we do it for you.

Transfers will be paused 24 hours before class booking goes live because we have a lot to deal with when booking goes live and we cannot process last minute transfers in time and this results in the people who have bought the ticket being annoyed that they cannot book their classes. You can still sell your ticket and we will transfer it but it may be a few hours after booking has gone live and we make no promises to transfer it in the 24 hour window before booking goes live. We will cease transfers 24hrs before the event starts, so the the last time you will be able to transfer your ticket is 12pm Thursday 2nd May 2024.

If you are unable to sell your ticket we will be unable to refund you or transfer your ticket to a future event.



If you choose to pay by instalments you will pay £80 upfront. This is non-refundable even if you decide not to go. Your second and final instalments of £75 each will be due on 1st Feb and 1st March respectively. You will need to pay these to us, they will not automatically come out of your account so it is your responsibility to pay. We will send you a reminder a week before and details on how to pay. If you want to pay early just email us and we'll send you the payment details. If you fail to pay your instalment on time you will get a chaser email with a deadline. If you don't pay by the deadline your ticket will be released and resold. If you pay your second instalment but don't pay your third, your ticket will be released and you will receive a refund of your second instalment of £75 but your deposit will not be refunded.


If you injure yourself, no matter how small, you must immediately report this to your teacher who will then take further action. If you need first aid your teacher or one of our other qualified first aiders will administer first aid and take further action if necessary, including transporting you to A&E or calling an ambulance. You MUST report your injury to us immediately so that we can assess the situation. No refunds, partial or full, will be provided for injuries, howsoever caused. You understand that the activities we undertake at MAAC are inherently dangerous in their nature and we cannot be held responsible for injuries including burns, falls, impact injuries or slips and trips. You must be extra careful when traversing the venues as there are many trip hazards including crash mats, equipment and other people’s property. If you are training outside there may be wet surfaces, obstacles and environments we cannot control. By participating in MAAC you understand that you are responsible for your own safety at all times.


We reserve the right to cancel or change classes at any time – we will obviously endeavour not to do this but sometimes this is out of our hands and we may have to make last minute changes.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to classes – if you book onto a class that is beyond your level we are not obligated to honour your booking and you will not receive a refund of any part of your ticket. We are not obligated to allow anyone entry to class and may refuse your entry at any time. It is entirely at our discretion to refuse entry into class for whatever reason and our decision is final. If you are refused entry into a class because the teacher believes you are not of the requisite level, this is entirely their decision and is non-negotiable. If you breach any of our class rules as below you may be asked to leave the class and will not receive a refund in any part.

Classes are of a first come first served nature and once they are full that's it. We cannot be held responsible if you didn't get all the classes you wanted nor will we be refunding your ticket if this is the case. If you are unable to book classes because of a problem on our end we will endeavour to correct the issue and will work with you to make sure you get a satisfactory experience.

If you are unable to book your classes in a timely manner for any reason, including but not exclusively because you have forgotten your password to the website, you cannot load the website on the laptop or phone you are using, you are unavailable when the tickets go live, or you have bought a ticket from someone else and it has not been transferred, we will not be responsible for you missing out on classes you wanted.

It is your responsibility to log into the website with sufficient time BEFORE the class booking goes live to ensure that you know your password and are able to log in correctly. We will not be held responsible for password resets not arriving in time nor for any other reason that you cannot log into the site. It is also your responsibility to make sure if you’re buying a ticket from someone else it is transferred 24 hours before booking goes live.


Please be on time for the warm up each day – if you are late and miss the warm up you are required to warm yourself up and the responsibility for being warm and ready to join the class transfers to you; no responsibility will be accepted by any teachers at MAAC if you are not physically ready to join in or sustain injuries due to being improperly warmed up.

If the class is taking place outside (usually parkour or slackline is held outside but nearby) it is your responsibility to be on time for that class because the teacher will lead everyone to the space and if you are not there on time you might miss out.

Do not teach other students – even if you are a teacher by trade, you are not the insured and qualified teacher here and should not endeavour to teach other students, nor should you ask another student to show you how to do a move that you have not been shown by your teacher. If another student sustains an injury because you have incorrectly told them to do something then we cannot be held responsible. Additionally, if you perform a move that you have been advised to do by another student rather than your teacher, we will not be held responsible for any injuries you sustain.

Anything you undertake during the free practice sessions is entirely at your own risk and the responsibility is entirely on you to ensure you are safe – this includes using crash mats and using spotters. We will not accept any responsibility for any injuries sustained during free practice time, howsoever caused.

Aerial by nature can be risky and whilst your MAAC teachers will do everything to minimise risk, we will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained at the convention for any reason. If you become injured you must inform your teacher or a MAAC staff member immediately so that they can take action. If your teacher or MAAC staff decide that you cannot continue to participate in class due to your injury their decision is final and unfortunately you will not be eligible for a refund.

You must wear appropriate clothing for classes – all jewellery must be removed before class – rings and bracelets can get caught on the hoops, causing injury. Any sharp or metal objects worn can tear the silks and damage our equipment. If you have an item of jewellery that you cannot remove, you may cover it with a plaster or bandage, but you will be liable for any damage of our equipment and we will not be liable for any jewellery or otherwise related injuries.

At the convention we allow anyone to take photographs and videos of their moves, but we ask that you do not video the instructor teaching the class without their permission. You may ask the teacher if they mind their demos being videoed, but please do not put this on social media or share it with anyone. If you are uncomfortable being videoed or photographed you can ask your teacher and fellow students not to video you, but as the convention is all in one room it may be difficult to police this policy and as such we may not be able to prevent you from being caught on video or in the background of photos. We reserve the right to use images of participants for promotional materials.

If you have a question regarding any of the above, please email manchesteraac@gmail.com