Refunds & Transfers Back

All ticket sales are final and we will not refund or transfer any tickets to future events, absolutely no exceptions. We also do not allow tickets to be shared or split.

If you are unable to attend you are still welcome to sell your ticket to someone else and we will honour the transfers. However, this year we will be stopping any transfers 24hrs before the event runs and we will be pausing transfers 24 hours before class booking goes live. This is because we often get transfer requests just as booking is about to go live and we don’t have time to do it at that stage, resulting in people being annoyed that they can’t book their classes. We also get transfer requests up to the morning of the convention and again we don’t have time to do this when we’re literally in the roof hanging up silks!

To transfer your ticket, you, the seller, need to confirm with us that the buyer has paid you and that they have an account on our booking system. We can then transfer the ticket. Again please note that transfers will cease 24hrs before the event. We will not be responsible for helping you sell your ticket, nor will we sell your ticket for you. We will not refund or transfer tickets that you have been unable to sell.

Please be aware of scammers on Facebook selling fake tickets. If you want to buy a ticket from someone else please do check with us that they have a valid ticket before you go ahead. NEVER use paypal friends and family to pay for the ticket because in the event of fraud you won’t get it back. Scammers tend to say generic things like “I have four tickets for this event” rather than “one full aerial ticket for sale” so be vigilant and always check with us.

If you want to sell your ticket and class booking is live we strongly suggest booking classes because it is very difficult to sell a ticket without any classes attached once booking has gone live.

We don't know what will be going on with covid by the time we run the convention but we will not be refunding or transferring tickets for any reason including positive covid tests, being pinged or identifying that you may have come into contact with a positive case.